The TIMM eSeminar

Special Report: Stop wasting your valuable time on rehashed Internet marketing ebooks and all that useless software that you KNOW you'll never use...

"Discover How to Easily Dominate Your Market from the Comfort of Your Own Home...

...Without Maxing Out
Your Credit Card, Wasting Hours of Exhausting, Anti-Productive Time on Cramped, Uncomfortable, Crowded Airplanes and
Getting NO Results!"

Discover the SUPER POTENT Strategies to Supercharge Your Internet Business...regardless of whether your are a Newbie or Veteran struggling to have a breakthrough!


"...increase my online revenue by more than 300%..."

I attended one of Richard's Super Seminar in Malaysia. What I learnt at the seminar helped me to increase my online revenue by more than 300% and my website's ranking topped Yahoo search listing in less then 30 days. It really works!

Thank you for all your help and advice.


"...Online income increased by more than 150%..."

It was a fabulous one-in-a-lifetime experience for me to attend Richard's Internet seminar a few years back. In my quest to quench my thirst for knowledge and to "biz myself" in the Internet world, Richard's easily to understand and properly laid out approach on Internet marketing has tremendously helped me in shaping a good understanding and foundation. Be it for a newbie or for someone who has some knowledge of internet marketing, the seminar was very very helpful and useful in more than what I can express with words alone!

Not forgetting Richard himself - he is extremely generous in sharing info and resources, not only during the seminar but beyond that even until now!

I've implemented what I've learned and is seeing results from a good foundation shaped with the help of Richard's seminar i.e. in terms of building lists and monetary returns from my internet ventures/programs. I must say that my Online income increased more than 150% within 3 months of attending Richard's seminar.

Don't short-change yourself for YOUR OWN SUCCESS online as Richard's new power-packed informative eseminar will surely rocket your quest in this Internet marketing world!

Stay Local, Earn Global

"...Thanks to Richard, I have launched a couple of profitable Internet business ..."

I am a software developer and web designer for many years now. I have no problems with the technical aspects of creating software and website. However, I was a newbie when it came to Internet marketing.

During the information and action-packed TIMM Super Seminar, I learned various Internet marketing and traffic generation strategies, tactics, tools, and resources from Richard.

With my technical skills and the newly acquired Internet marketing knowledge, I have launched a couple of profitable Internet business around my passion and strength.

I really appreciate how Richard has unselfishly shared his knowledge in Internet marketing and how he encourages us to pursue our dreams of creating multiple streams of Internet income.

Waihon Yew

"...It has all the resources of a $4,995.00 Offline seminar..."


This is an excellent package for newbies and those struggling to make a breakthrough.

What I liked about the TIMM eSeminar home study course is the fact that it has all the resources of a $4,995.00 offline seminar (including workbook and quizzes).

I'm impressed by the amount of resources that you're providing with the eSeminar.

Great job!

Mike Mograbi
Internet Marketing News Watch

"...I am impressed with the lessons on "Writing your own book"..."


I had the opportunity to review the TIMM eSeminar package and I must say that there are plenty of information and resources available. The TIMM eSeminar will be useful to any Internet marketers wishing to have a good grasp of the Internet marketing process. I wish I had this when I started my Online business.

You have make the whole learning process fun and easy to follow. I am impressed with the lessons on "Writing your own book". You have provided both the inspiration and guidelines that anyone wishing to be an author can follow.

Best wishes

Jeremy Gislason





From the desk of Richard Quek

Dear friend,

f you have a website or are planning to launch one, this maybe the most important letter you ever read.

Of the million of web sites on the internet trying to make a buck selling hopes, dreams, needs and wants, most have never made a penny.

The key question you must ask is:
"What separates the winners from the losers?"

A winning web site does two simple things. Yes, two things. Not 20 things... Not 200 things... Not 2,000 things... just two things.

Most people buy every ebook and course they can find, hoping against hope that this one have the answers they need. They jump from one quick rich idea to the next.

I know what that's like. I buy them all, too. But I already have eight successful online businesses. I am looking for the edge, not to get going.

And you know what I discovered?

Most of the Gurus out there don't know what those two simple things are either, or if they do they are keeping it a closely guarded secret...

"Alright, Richard, what are the two things my website must do to be a winner?"

Your website must attract traffic and - more importantly - convert that traffic into buyers.

There are only two ways you can learn how to do it:

1) Buy an eBook.

2) Take a seminar.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that taking Internet marketing seminars and joining coaching programs with real-live experts is the fastest, most effective way to succeed online.

The graduates of my seminars and coaching programs have proven it over and over again.

There's Never Been an Easier Way to Explode Your Online Business

In fact, if you attended one of my seminars for a mere $1500 (plus hotel room, food and transportation), it would be a steal of a deal considering the thousands in extra sales you would make almost immediately.

And my competitors put on amazing events for $5,000, $10,000 and even $30,000. They are worth every penny. But...

Recently, one of my students approached me. His family and friends were very impressed with the success he was having online. They wanted to do the same thing. While hard-working and diligent, they could not afford all the expense of attending one of my seminars in person.

The question he asked was, "Is there any way they could learn from me at home?"

I started to survey my other students and graduates. They all knew people who deserved more success, would work hard, but did not have the time or money to come to my seminar.

My mind started churning...How could I get my Internet marketing knowledge to these people and have a win-win situation?

I knew immediately what it would not be.

It would not be:

1. Some rehashed ebooks written by Ghost Writers.
2. Some Fire Sale
3. A One Time Offer
4. A Get Rich Quick Scheme
5. A Retirement or Semi Retirement Project
6. A package selling for $2,700.00
7. A Package of ebooks and software that everyone is selling.
8. An Adsense Template package
9. A Source Code blow out
10. An Offline Seminar that you have to pay Big Bucks for!

So here was the problem...

How could I put together an effective seminar that was affordable, you could work at your own pace, involved no travel - even if you lived in Alaska, and you could attend as often as you wanted, yet still gave you the great up-to-date information my students have come to expect?

See How Powerful It Is for Yourself!

I began to put down my ideas on paper. I started to write faster and faster...

Here is my plan...

1. Learn the basics of Internet marketing.

Everything in life goes back to the very basics. We tend to complicate things. We think that there must be some secrets that we need to discover that will cause us to 'Magically' Succeed.

Hey, think about a golf swing? It is a simple swing of the golf club just like throwing an object. What do most golfers do? Yes they complicate the whole process by thinking of too many strategies... the grip, the stance, the takeaway, the back swing, the up swing, the down swing and the follow through. Well what about the body turn and the posture? No wonder with all these strategies in their mind they can never deliver a good swing resulting in a bad shot.

Too much "Complexity" is the reason why success is always eluding us.

So the truth is that in Internet marketing there are only four fundamentals. This is what I termed the 'Internet Success Cycle'.

2. Practice makes perfect.

Getting all the information will not make you successful. I hope you know that by now? It is the application of what you know by taking Intelligent ACTION that is crucial to success. An important part of the TIMM e-seminar is the Action Pack and the Quizzes. Hey, I decided to include a "Kick Butts" Follow Up Series to make sure you do your assignment!

3. The power of Multimedia.

I realized that many people learn different ways so I broke the lessons into 33 modules and recorded them as videos and audios, so you could watch or listen to them at your own convenience.

As I made the videos, I was amazed at the secrets I was giving away.

Listen: A lot of people are going to be mad at me for sharing these "insider secrets" with you... especially since you won't be paying even a minute fraction of what they had to.

4. Repetition is the 'Mother Of Learning'.

With the video lessons and audios you can repeat the lessons whenever you like. For quick reference, you will also receive transcripts to all 33 lessons.

5. Quek's Rolodex

To aid you in your Internet marketing success, I developed a "Resources Pack" with links to all the tools and resources that I use to build my successful businesses online, including cutting-edge information on:

Joint Venture
Affiliate Marketing
Ezine Marketing
Adsense Marketing
Audios and videos
Scientific Testing Results
The Psychology of Internet marketing
And more...

6. A Collection of my very best ebooks

You will receive a package of ebooks on the topics of Internet marketing. These are books that I personally authored and is marketing on the Internet from my web sites. Hey, these are not written by ghost writers. These are books that I personally authored based on my own personal experience being on the Internet for more than 8 years.

7. The easiest, fastest way to make money online is to write your own book

I have written more than 10 books and I think that I am more than qualified to guide you in this book writing process. I recorded special video lessons in which I show you step-by-step the strategies that I personally used to write all my books. You'll discover how to use the "Power Of Your Hand". Is this exciting or what?

A Lesson in Internet Mastery

When I finished my list, I realized I had encapsuled all the best secret strategies from my 8 years online. Everything from the 10 books I wrote, to my coaching program, to my wildly popular seminars and workshops was covered in exhausting detail. Nothing was left out.

I even included major strategies that I only reveal at my closed-door, $1,500 a a seat Internet Money Machine SuperSeminar...


"...Thunderous Applause.. "

My first encounter with Richard in the Internet Arena was when I was requested by him to organize his internet seminars in Singapore.

All who had attended his 3 hours seminar or 3-day Super-Seminar had given him thunderous applauses to give  recognition for his superb internet marketing knowledge and generosity in his sharing.

Richard is one person who is known to be generous in sharing his knowledge and imparting his skill in internet marketing. Personally, I have benefited from attending his 3-day Super-Seminar and through constant interaction with him. Now with this e-Seminar, WOW! I cannot wait to learn further from this new mode of learning and to sharpen my internet marketing skill.

Having gained so much through learning from Richard, I have now embarked (with another graduate from his super-seminar) to train individuals and corporations to successfully turn their websites into assets. We now generate income not only through internet marketing, but also through training and consultancy.

TAKE ADVANTAGE of Richard's kind generosity to share with you his INTERNET SECRETS, and learn how you can successfully succeed in internet marketing through his e Seminar.

In fact, I am very jealous. You know what???? When I attended his 3 day Super-Seminar….I paid more than 3 times the amount he is charging for this e-Seminar package. How can he charge you so low when what he is giving you is what I have gathered in the Super Seminar and much more.

What are you waiting for!

Jolly Tan



"...I could earn real money for the very first time thru my Internet business..."

Hello, my name is Budi, I am an IT lecturer with one famous University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Internet Money Machine Super seminar is really good and full of excitements as Richard showed us the potential of the Internet. After attending the seminar, I registered my first domain name, started thinking of the products that I want to sell and how to promote it.

Richard is a very good guru and mentor, he guided us step by step in planning, developing and marketing our product thru' the Internet.

As a result, within few days I had my E-book business online with my very first domain name. I promoted it through ways that I learnt for Richard Quek. In the next few weeks people started visiting and buying my E books. I was so happy and did not believe that I could earn real money for the very first time thru my Internet business.

I really thank Richard and his Super Seminar, my few thousands dollars investment was nothing compared to the knowledge and experience that I got from it.

I really recommend anyone who is hungry to succeed Online to register and attend Richard's TIMM eSeminar. You will not regret for the rest of your life.




"I appreciate how he has unselfishly shared his knowledge"

I would like to thank Richard for such an information packed seminar with regard to marketing and doing business on the internet. All the more I appreciate how he has unselfishly shared his knowledge and how he encourages and motivates us to pursue our success and dreams.

A man with such integrity is truly hard to come by these days. I've been searching for a business mentor for such a long time now and I thank GOD for linking me up with Richard and his consultants.

I have no regrets flying all the way from Perth to Singapore to attend his TIMM Super Seminar because I believe with his mentoring, I'll be able to build a digital wealth pipeline on the internet. And yes, if Richard would let me have the honor, I'll very much like to be his student, friend and business partner online and off-line.

Thank you Richard and GOD BLESS YOU !!!"

Gideon Goh
Perth, Western Australia


Announcing for the first time...

The Internet Money Machine eSeminar

How To Build Your Super Digital Pipeline!

Here are more testimonials from my graduates...

"...Your seminar has change my life forever..."

Thank you for your generosity in sharing your valuable knowledge and experience during the seminar. Your seminar really opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me. Now I'm confident with what's possible in this market and how to profit from it. I also truly appreciate your generosity in spending time to give me (and other participants) post-seminar guidance and continuing support .

Your seminar has change my life forever. Now I'm on my way to financial freedom. Again, thanks a million.

Wan Ibrahim


"...Effective motivation talk..."

Richard's seminar provides many useful and practical strategies. I had been using them daily for my online ventures. I am particularly impressed with his effective motivation talks during the seminar. I am proud to admit that the income from my online ventures increased more than 100% in a short period of time.

Alex Lee


"...step by step GUARANTEED path... to STAY AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITORS..."

Being in the IT industry does not mean that you have Internet Marketing knowledge. I started using Apple Computer when it was first available in Malaysia. Then from the good old Ms DOS prompt to Graphical Window XP today.

I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science with more than 15 years experience in Software Design and Analysis. I am a hard-core programmer in Client-Server and Web based Application. My company is involved in Web Hosting and Web Design. With all this background, my Internet Marketing Knowledge is still near to zero until I attended the Super Seminar.

For layman, it is step by step GUARANTEED path to enter the IT web arena. For those in the IT line, you will gain an edge over your competitors. I reveal this 'trade secret' to you due to Richard’s unselfish and unhidden 'knowledge transfer' in the seminar. DON’T MISS IT IF YOU WANT TO STAY AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITORS.

Sam Khoo


"...commitment to ensure your students success is outstanding..."

Thank you Richard, for your information packed TIMM Super Seminar. I've certainly learnt enough in these two and half days to be confident of starting an e-business. The post seminar e-lessons and the e-community meetings are even better. Your commitment to ensure your students success is outstanding. I truly appreciate your generosity in spending time with us and your unselfish post seminar guidance. I have only one worry : that my competitor should find out about your seminar.

Yours Truly, TC Yeap


So what is in the whole package?

The TIMM e-seminar package consist of the following:

1. The 33 video lessons

These lessons will provide you information and strategies on how to start and manage a successful Internet business. The 'Internet Success Cycle' will be expanded to cover topics like:

Joint Venture
Affiliate Marketing
Ezine Marketing
Adsense Marketing
Audios and videos
Scientific Testing Results
The Psychology of Internet marketing

These video lessons will walk you through the complete process of having a successful Cyber presence and profitable Internet business.

Here is a sample of the video lessons. Please click on ONE of the video graphic to view. I have provided two sites just in case the server is busy.


2. The transcript of all the 33 lessons

You can review all the 33 lessons at your own convenience.

3. The Action Pack

This is an important part of the TIMM e-seminar. This workbook will reinforce what you learned from each lesson. It will spur you to take the necessary actions to put what you have learnt into practice. Well, the TIMM e-seminar is really an Online Seminar.

4. The audios in MP3 format of all the 33 lessons.

You will receive all these audios in two CDs. You can listen to them over and over again. You can even listen to the lessons when you are driving.

5. The Quizzes

This is another important part of the TIMM e-seminar. There will be a quiz for every lesson to test you on your understanding of the particular lesson. Believe me you'll be given scores for your performance.

6. The Quek Rolodex.

This is a compilation of tools and resources that you may need to aid you in your Internet marketing business. You will be provided with links to plenty of tools and resources. By the way, you'll not see any referral links on this list!

7. The Internet Money Machine ebook.


This was my first book on Internet marketing that I authored. I have updated it recently and you'll receive it as part of the package. It is selling on my web site for $47.00.





8. EXPOSED ebook.

This is one of my best sellers. It is all about generating traffic to any web sites. There are 101 proven strategies in the ebook. I have also updated the ebook and you'll receive it as part of the package. It is selling on my web site for $47.00.


9. ZOOM To Super Success ebook.


This is the ebook that I co-authored with more than 50 of the Top Internet marketers in the world. It is more than 500 pages and you'll receive it as part of the TIMM e-seminar. It is selling for $67.00 on my web site.






10. Other Audios and Videos.

These are audios and videos that I recorded during some of my seminars. It has never been sold or distributed before. You can have them in CD and VCD format with my compliment.



11. "Kick Butts" Follow Ups

Yes, to 'gently' remind you to take ACTION, you will receive a series of "Kick Butts" follow up from me. Hey, I want to make sure that you do all the various exercises to receive the full benefit of the TIMM eSeminar.

12. Inner Circle Forum

This forum is only open to members of the TIMM eSeminar. You can get answers to your probing questions here. You can even post special offers and JV proposals on this forum.

"...There was no need for a 34th to exist, since you cover all aspects..."


You have been one of the first people I "studied" when embarked upon the Internet Marketing journey. And since that time you have been a teacher.

For example, if one STUDIES the structure of the "ZOOM To Super Success" ebook s/he will find an representative example of how a product can be created and be stamped as a viral one and how to replicate the process of that creation on various niches too.

The same applies to the "Exposed" ebook which -in my opinion- is a MUST have resource because it talks about PROVEN strategies to the most wanted asset in this business: TRAFFIC.

I believe that your TIMM ecourse is indeed an excellent resource for all the ones that want to understand how Internet Marketing works and what they have to DO in order to be "in the Game."

I really liked very much all the 33 videos and the FACT that there was no need for a 34th to exist, since you cover all aspects.

And of course I am glad to see the "teacher" in action.:)

John Delavera

"...groundbreaking Internet marketing information..."

Hi Richard,

I had so much fun watching your eSeminar videos. And I've  learned a lot! They say you learn much faster if you're having a great time. I guess that's the reason why I quickly absorbed (and enjoyed!) all the groundbreaking Internet marketing information you've revealed. I had such a blast!

Michael Lee
Author, How to be a Red Hot Persuasion Wizard

"...the best value seminar package I have ever come across..."

Hi Richard

I have to say that I'm gob-smacked by the content of your new TIMM eSeminar! Compared to other seminars that you have to travel to and pay accommodation and expenses for on top of the cost to attend, this is without a doubt the best value seminar package I have ever come across.

There's enough content to keep you on top of the learning curve for a month. I'm impressed!

I will certainly be recommending this to my WebArtistClub members as a must-have tool to learn everything they need to know to run a successful business online.

Naveed Peerzade

"...You can literally shorten your learning curve and save years of frustration..."

Hi Richard,

I had the opportunity to review your TIMM eSeminar package. I liked the way you made it so simple to comprehend and fun to participate. I am also amazed  by the amount of resources that you are providing with the package.

I wished I had this package when I first started Online. I would strongly recommend the TIMM eSeminar to anyone wishing to have a solid foundation on the Internet marketing process. You can literally shorten your learning curve and save years of frustration.

Cody Moya

"...educational systems, promising to help you build a real business..."

As an aspiring Internet Marketer you are likely to feel overwhelmed.

Roughly speaking, you will see two kinds of educational products available:

1. highly specialized marketing ”weapons”, promising to make you big money in no time

2. educational systems, promising to help you build a real business

As a marketing newbie I would surely feel tempted to purchase the first one first: Big money and fast - what could be better?

As a matter of fact, investing in TIMM eSeminar is much better!

First of all, because any kind of Internet marketing specialized or not – requires that your Internet Marketing foundation is in place. If you don’t have it and don’t understand it, you can just as well throw your money out the window!

Next, because these so called quick and easy solutions get spread on the Internet like a virus within no time, and guess what – within weeks or even days, most of the methods you learn have been exploited by more experienced, aggressive marketers – and you will find yourself in a state of loss and disappointment.

With TIMM eSeminar you can create a foundational structure which you then can build on and expand and succeed with for years to come – because it’s built on something lasting and valid regardless of the current winds blowing through the Internet.

Richard Quek has made it very easy for you to learn and build your business – and at the same time he provides you with an impressive volume of useful resources.

All you need to do now is to get it and start building your future, step by step.

Wishing you all the best

Halina Goldstein

"...glad to include it as part of the premium lineup for our members..."

I and my core team have previously come across Mr. Quek's websites and we've been impressed with the quality of each of them. The TIMM eSeminar looks and feels like a well put together seminar with plenty of resources for internet marketers and newbies alike. I'm glad to include it as part of the premium lineup
for our members.


"...more information than I have ever seen from any other internet marketers..."

I well and truly love your TIMM eseminar, you are a genius and in your eseminar provide more information than I have ever seen from any other internet marketers before... believe me over the past couple of years, I have seen many. Your course is a must for newbies and experienced marketers alike and I truly believe that by purchasing TIMM Eseminar it will take their businesses to the next level and beyond.

Heidi McGowan

"...Richard impacted my life a few years ago..."

I cannot think of anyone with so much integrity when it come to internet marketing.

Richard impacted my life a few years ago. Although his name was in my awareness on the internet I did not really know him. I was doing a JV with Cody Moya's and Richard also jV'd. He had a product that I felt I would like to try. I got on his list to receive the product.

A few months later he made himself personally available to those who responded to a special offer to build a list. This was long before building a list was popular. I took Richard up on the offer and today I don't have one but several lists in several niche areas that support and keep my business going as I share valuable information, products and insight to these list.

Now this program, my God, talk about over deliver. Richard you're giving away the mansion. The quality and ease with which you present each subject is a must have for anyone serious about doing business on the internet. What more Richard your success is known by so many but most important is the genuineness you bring to your business model.

I advise anyone to follow this marketing trailblazer. You can't help but succeed, thereafter. A powerhouse, Richard.

K Smith


You can discover the Secrets of Online Success from the Comfort of Your Own Home


Stop! Have I missed out anything? I am giving you the whole shebang! You will also receive regular updates from time to time...

As I mentioned, you need to travel to Malaysia to attend my 2 1/2 TIMM Super Seminar. The seminar itself will cost you more than $1,500. Think about all the other expenses that you need to incur...

So how much are you willing to invest in a seminar that can have a great impact on your Internet marketing career?


Here is the value of the TIMM e-seminar:





33 Video Lessons


The transcripts of the lessons


The MP3 audios of the lessons


The Action Pack


The Quizzes


The Resources Pack


Internet Money Machine ebook




ZOOM To Super Success


Audios & Videos from my seminars

11.   "Kick Butts" Follow Up        97.00


  Inner Circle Forum      600.00





Secure Your Spot right now!

To tell you the truth the complete package of the TIMM eSeminar could easily be sold for $2,700.00. Even at this price it is still a steal!

REMEMBER... If you DON'T have an Internet business yet, I'll show how you can get started in as little as 48 hours (for LESS than $100) , selling in-demand products that people may ALREADY be begging to buy.

And if you already have a web site, I'll show you how you can start driving 1,000's of NEW visitors to your web site (using FREE and dirt-cheap traffic strategies) , plus I'll show you how you can convert these visitors into paying customers... instantly!


NINE Super Bonuses (Valued at $966.00)
-- Yours FREE To Keep , No Matter WHAT!"


If you're excited about all the killer new information that you'll receive in the "Internet Money Machine" system...

... Then I think you're going to be astonished by what I'm about to do next...

I want to be sure that you have every tool, technique, and tip that you could possibly need to guarantee your success -- so as part of my special launch celebration, I've decided to give away a Bonus 'Toolbox' of NINE SUPER BONUSES -- absolutely free:

1. Impact Pop Up

Grab Your Visitors By The Eyeballs, Explode Your Profits, And Practically Force Your Prospects To See Your Message With The Latest Profit Producing Technology.

Valued at $37.00

2. Impact Audio Wizard

How to easily put audios on your web site and attract your visitors attention.

Valued at $47.00

3. The Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript

This report is the result of Mark Joyner's hard core Scientific Research.

Valued at $197.00

4. AdSense Revenue Exposed!

Discover How To Turn Your Web Site's Content Into Cash!! Learn how you can quickly and easily generate residual profits from Google Adsense, month after month!

Valued at $37.00

5. Maximum Profit

How To Expand Your Global Reach "While Doubling Cashflow", Without Spending A Fortune On Website Promotion.

Valued at $197.00

6. How To Become A JV Master

This ebook is authored by Jason Mangrum and reveals all the various strategies to succeed in any Joint Venture.

Valued at $67.00

7. Create Your Own eBook

How to create your own ebook without ever writing a word. The definitive guide to have your book ghostwritten.

Valued at $47.00

8. Instant Software Profits

"Discover The Easy Way To Create Your Own Unique Software Without Having To Write A Single Line Of Code Yourself..."

Valued at $97.00


9. 12 Months FREE Membership to Web Artist Club

Membership site where you will find 10 sections with all the resources, lessons, information and products needed to make a living online at the push of the button. Special arrangement with Naveed Peerzade, the owner of Web Artist Club.

Valued at $240.00


Total Value of Bonuses: $966.00

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Your success in using the TIMM e-seminar is completely guaranteed. In fact, here's my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-It-To-The-Bank Guarantee.

I personally guarantee that if you seriously go through all the 33 video lessons, the action pack, the quizzes and the other resources provided you'll have a firm grasp of marketing on the Internet.

If within 30 days, you honestly believe I haven't delivered on this promise then let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. Plus, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble.

Is that fair or what?

A choice of 2 versions


IMPORTANT UPDATE: You've arrived at this page just in time to take advantage of my special "Internet Money Machine " 2007 launch celebration offer.

Not only will the first 500 people get NINE SUPER BONUSES valued at $966.00 (yours FREE to keep, no matter what you decide)

...I've ALSO decided to offer it for just $497.00 for the Physical version -- a deep $300.00 discount.

Alternatively you can choose the Online version for ONLY $97.00.

However, please be warned: I expect the 500 "Super Bonus Packages" to disappear quickly -- so if you're interested, I advise you to claim your copy immediately. If you come back tomorrow, or even later today, and find that the price has increased, there's nothing I can do.

That means you can try out the TIMM e-seminar while you see if it works for you or not. And if it don't produce results, I honestly want you to ask for your money back. And I'll let you keep the free bonus gifts as a way of thanking you for giving the e-seminar a try.

There's absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If the TIMM e-seminar is not what you expected then I’m the loser, not you.

Look at it this way - $797.00 $497.00 (Physical version shipped to you) OR $97.00 (Online version) is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money and time you’re going to waste on all the rehashed ebooks and useless software that you were going to purchase this year.

That's Why...

You really Can't Afford Not To Invest In

"The Internet Money Machine eSeminar"

It has been said that it is in your moment of decision that your destiny is shaped! Well, it is decision time! Do not focus on the investment. Instead think about the time that you'll save and the frustrations that you'll avoid. You'll never again have to suffer the pain and hassle of having to deal with lack of success on the Internet.

So if you are ready to enroll for the TIMM eSeminar to supercharge your Online endeavor to the next level, here is what you need to do...

(check the box for your Instant Rebate, then click the "Click Here To Enroll" Link)

Give me my $300.00 Instant Cash Back Rebate.

YES! I would like immediate access to the ‘TIMM eSeminar’ - How to build your Super digital pipeline!, so that I can start learning the fundamentals of Internet marketing and bring my Online business to the next level.

I understand that I'll receive the e-seminar within the next 5 minutes. For those who order the physical package, you will have access to the Online version as well while waiting for the package to be shipped.

I also understand that I am entitled to the promotional price of US$497.00 OR US$97.00 and that my purchase is subject to a 30 days 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.


To enroll for the TIMM e-seminar is simple,

Click on the Link below!

Physical Version


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Ever since I told people The Internet Money Machine is on the way, the universal question has been, "Can we get in early?" In fact, I could have pre sold the entire program just to the people who have been laying siege to my email address. But that would not have been fair.

So the deal is on for right now and by the time you click on the application button, we may be sold out.

The first 500 people who qualify will get the free bonuses valued at $966.00.

Order now because I don't want you to miss out on the special
introductory offer price of $497.00 OR $97.00. Remember that this offer is only valid for the first 500 packages sold.

You'll never know what are in the 33 video lessons that will be able to bring your Online business to the next level. My friend you'll even learn how to author your own book!

Do you realize that your competitors who have this e-Seminar will have the cutting-edged.

You'll be doing the same thing and using the same ineffective and complicated Internet marketing strategies that you have been implementing. Imagine the frustration and the amount of money that you could save should you enroll in the TIMM e-seminar.

Let's take you a year into the future. Your web sites are rolling along on auto-pilot making you tons of money. Your business is growing like a weed.

Think of the possibilities and I expect to see you on board.


It's just $497.00 OR $97.00 and the bonuses are only available to the first 500 enrollees. If advance word is any indication, this will sell out in a Tokyo minute.

To your success!

Richard Quek

P.S You will have access to the 33 video lessons within the next few minutes.

P.P.S The Special Launch Offer is only available for the first 500 enrolments.

P.P.P.S Hey, take a test drive and if you are not completely satisfied you have our 100% Money Back Guarantee.


"...I feel as if I hired an in home marketing coach..."


After taking your TIMM eSiminar home study course, I feel as if I hired an in home marketing coach to walk me through every single step of IM!

This is perfect for anyone looking for a clear and concessive way to jump into the online marketing arena, and find success.

I highly recommend this package to anyone, and I am proud to offer such an amazing resource to my members of OneStopWebShop.

Thank you again,

Candace Gill

...guidance on how to start a cash-generating business online...

Hi Richard

What an awesome package you have put together. Everyday we get emails from frustrated new marketers looking for guidance on how to start a cash-generating business online. Now I can point them to your package to get the help and advice they need. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.
You just made my life much easier.

Phil Basten
JPE Advertising

...without a doubt the absolute BEST way to get ahead quickly...

Compare For Yourself -- The TIMM eSeminar is hands down much better value than ANY offline seminar.

I've attended the WIS in the past and this is how much it cost me (2 years ago):

Ticket: $1495
Airfare: $700
Accommodation $750
Food: $155
Airport Transfers: $120
Special Offers Given at the Seminar: $6500

Total Cost: $10,000 + $23k free bonuses = EXPENSIVE!
TIMM eSeminar: $497 + $43k free bonuses = PRICELESS!

I know from experience that when you attend a conference over a few days, it is entirely draining and you can experience information overload. With the TIMM eSeminar package, you can listen at your leisure as many times as you want. You don't have to cram it all in on top of each other so you forget the important parts. And if you miss something, you can just replay it again!

This is without a doubt the absolute BEST way to get ahead quickly. I highly recommend it to you for incredible value and high quality content.

Warm regards
Eva Browne-Paterson | www.

...Richard is a seasoned marketer and his products are based on real life experience...

Your Chance for A Dependable Income Online!

All days long, home business owners on the Internet are bombarded with overpriced guru products full of hype, looking only for getting hard earned dollars out of the confused beginners' pockets or even seasoned marketers not yet producing the income they imagine...I'm sure you know it well...

It all changes now with Richard's TIMM eSeminar Package: you are receiving the real opportunity to get your online home business to where you want to get it, and what more at the price you can afford.

Richard is a seasoned marketer and his products are based on real life experience. He gives you practical advice, information, tips, resources and tools, and you will find guidance in all the fields you have nowhere to turn to.

I can highly recommend this Seminar to everyone trying to establish a dependable income from the Internet.

Irena Whitfield

... I already found one secret for my own application...

"To say that 'Richard has laid a most comprehensive Internet Marketing game plan for newbies and veterans alike' is simply an UNDERSTATEMENT. Out of hours of videos, resource links and transcripts and even parables, I already found one secret for my own application. The point is if there's any one of  Richard's tip or strategy that is relevant at the right place at the right time, that alone is worth the investment. The better news is, there's a huge  amount of resources you can revisit from time to time for reference. I  strongly believe you will feel very much encouraged and secured by Richard's readiness to make available his know-how and assets, such that your Internet Marketing future has nowhere else to go but UP!"

Nelson Tan

...I agreed to "tell it like it is" as a former consumer investigative reporter...

I came to know Richard when I interviewed him for DEMC Ezine as the beat reporter for Email Marketing. I had signed up for his ezine and found that he offered valuable content and little hype. That is what I look for when I interview Internet marketers. So recently Richard shared with me his new program entitled The Internet Money Machine eSeminar before the launch. He  asked me to review it and I agreed to "tell it like it is" as a former consumer investigative reporter for USA based Post Newsweek TV.

First, Richard chose one of my favorite media for teaching his eSeminar - VIDEO! As a 25 year vet of video production I have always thought that  video is the best way to learn to do something. Richard has started his video series from the beginning just like you are a newbie. Now I have been on line doing Internet Marketing for over six years and want to say that this series of videos is one of the best I have seen!

Richard backs up these comprehensive videos with audios of the lessons and workbook pages to reinforce what you have learned with each video. Also he provides the transcripts for all 33 lessons for people like me that like to read long with videos and audios. Remember the brain retains much more when you combine reading with watching!

Finally Richard shares his Rolodex of resources that he has developed over the years. That is what I call priceless.

I learned more than I expected from Richard's Internet Money Machine eSeminar and I think you will too.

Hugh Simpson aka "Cort McCadden"
DEMC Reporter

...following in your footsteps is what put me where I am today...

Richard, out of all the things you have done over the years you have hit gold with this new project! Everything you do turns to gold and I know that by following in your footsteps is what put me where I am today, To your success and beyond!

Damon Smith


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